What happens to patients at Kairos?

The initial medical assessment takes about an hour. The doctor concentrates particularly on identifying past trauma and illnesses as well as personal achievements, aspirations, desires, attitudes, capacities, constitutional strengths and weaknesses. A broad diagnosis is needed to open a new perspective on the situation; then follows suggestions as to how the therapy team might take up the various tasks and what might be expected. The patient is invited think it over and to consider ‘opting in’.   

 Follow up appointments with the doctor are done in 30 min slots.


At present we have three anthroposophic[i] therapy options:  Rhythmical Massage and Eurythmy (gentle movement) Therapy have the capacity to restore two essential initial requirements, warmth and sleep. It is then possible to begin to reduce some of the burden of other symptoms restoring sufficient new energy, mobility and trust for the person to want to proceed. Both therapies are usually acceptable because they don’t cause pain.

Transpersonal Art Therapy can be a helpful medium for addressing pain too. Often one's sense of self is undermined by long term helth problems, working with colour and form can support a stronger grounding in oneself and thereby finding new strength with which to go about daily life.


A therapy session lasts about an hour.  Regular attendance over 7-8 weekly sessions forms a block which may be followed by the next therapy or a rest period. Intervals between therapies usually increase according to improvement.





[i] Kienle et al. Global Adv Health Med. 2013; 2:20-31.


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