'Kairos' means an opportune moment for change. Kairos Rehabilitation concentrates on helping those who are suffering persistent pain and other hard to treat conditons, adults as well as children. Patients are encouraged and supported to play a more active role than usual in their recovery including steps in their personal development. Social, cultural and occupational opportunities add to the therapeutic effect.


Kairos' therapeutic methods are based on 'anthroposophic' medical concepts developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and employed in some NHS GP practices e.g. Blackthorn Trust in Maidstone. 



Aims of the approach in dealing with pain


  • To reduce the severity of symptoms including insomnia, exhaustion, anxiety and depression thereby restoring energy and vitality
  • To reduce dependence on medication
  • To improve personal confidence, self-esteem & sense of purpose
  • To tackle social difficulties, loneliness & isolation
  • To assisit with work & financila problems: job loss, debt & benefits



Eligibility and Referral Criteria 


Any patient suffering chronic pain who lives within the catchment area of Greenwich CCG and whose pain has been fully investigated but proved unresponsive to conventional analgesics and treatment can be referred to Kairos.


The eligible patient should ask his/her GP to make a referral to Kairos Pain Clinic via Circle Greenwich MSK



Patients not eligible due to living outside the catchment area may still access the Kairos Service but will be asked to contribute towards the cost of their treatment. We are keen to be available according to need and offer concessions where ever possible.


Please see 'who we work with' for further details.





Conditions include headaches, abdominal pain, constipation, irritable bowel and functional disorders relating to attention deficit and autistic spectrum disorders. Sleep disturbances, speech problems, anxiety and other more developmental difficulties are also known to respond to the approach.

 The child should be assessed by an appropriate specialist before coming to Kairos.


Please see 'who we work with' for further details.




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