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Pain Management

Kairos works as an integrated part of the Muscular Skeletal Services, Circle MSK Greenwich. This is an NHS service commissioned by Greenwich CCG. Patients are assessed by MSK practitioners and sent on to Kairos where appropriate. 



Any adult patient living within Greenwich Borough with pain of over 3 months duration.


GP referral via Circle MSK, specify Kairos as preferred treatmet option.


Hard to treat conditions


Kairos can be accessed direct by patients even if their condition doesn't fall within the pain spectrum.

Patients typically seek treatment for conditions such as

sleep disturbances, Chronic Fatigue

degenerative conditions,


post traumatic stress disorder,

support in cancer treatment,

respiratory and vascular disease.

The Kairos GP will judge if we are able to take on someone and liaise with the patient's GP regarding treatment. All patients need to bring a print out of their medical summary including contact details for their GP for the initial assesment.


Patients are asked to contribute financially to the cost of their treatment. Initial consultation: £80, follow ups :£50. Therapy appointments: £35. The charity provides concessions to the degree we can afford. Please discuss when contacting us.



Kairos takes referals for children with fully investigated hard to treat conditions.


Children able to attend weekly therapy appointments at Kaiors in Thamesmead.


Specialist and GP referral direct to Dr David McGavin at Kairos Rehabilitation Trust.

Patients are asked to contribute financilally to the cost of their treatment.


Children dealing with other, less severe, developmental issues may also access Kairos therapies. Issues for which our approach can be helpful include sleeping, digestive disorders, allergy/asthma/eczema, issues around dentition and misalignments, sight problems, attention difficulties,  speech development, behavioral problems.


Please contact us for a conversation if you think your child might benefit from our services. There is a charge for treatment. 

Kairos Rehabilitation Trust CIO reg: 1157359

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